Who we are


Time Machine is a think-lab that draws on over 10 years of experience focused on delivering innovative consumer experiences, spotlighting the uncovered potential in your brand, and forging new channels rich in possibility. Our bold ideas, built on fresh insights, dig deeper into your brand story to find the keys to unlock your competitive edge that stands the test of time. STAY TIMELESS with Time Machine.

Clients come to Time Machine because they want something different that lasts. You won’t get a one-size fits all campaign with us because we prioritize the needs, struggles, opportunities and culture of each one of our clients, synthesizing avante garde strategies and creative ingenuity that unites designers, brand strategists, marketers, and brand ambassadors with project management teams to deliver sustainable growth that is way ahead of current players in the market.

At Time Machine it’s all about developing an engaging story that defines your brand message like no other. We believe timeless stories engage consumers in experiences that strengthen brand identity and supports growth. We dig deeper into our target consumers world to find the creative ideas to tell your innovative story to grow your brand both in emotional impact and dollars to the bottom line. Giving your brand today what it needs tomorrow…


Our Philosophy


Every brand begins with an amazing story. Emotional brand engagement is what drives measurable brand loyalty because people may not always remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Harnessing the most advance technology at our disposal, we tell your unique story through the mediums of  TV, internet, and web series in a manner that turns your message into a timeless emotional feeling customized especially for your needs.